Manda Maggs

Manda Maggs, Penticton BC

More work less blog.

I haven't written an entry in over a week, which I've been feeling pretty guilty about BUT I feel like this post will make up for it. I have made progress on the Augmented Reality Sandbox! This all-consuming task has pretty much eaten my time and my soul for this week, so everything else has taken a back seat - but it's worth it! 

So, last I left you the sandbox was built and primed. There it sat for about 2 weeks, too, until I picked up a paintbrush. Not going to lie, I haven't been painting as much as I promised myself I would be, so this was a pretty big deal. Plus, it's a style I haven't really experimented much with and I am fearful of painting landscapes this was pretty intimidating. Anyways I am pretty happy with the results after a full day and a half of painting. That's not true. I keep peeking at it in the storage room just to get a little happy rush. I wish I'd done a time lapse (they're so much fun, aren't they?) but I realize now that it's probably good that I didn't because then there would be video evidence of me dunking the company DSLR camera into a tray of blue paint. Yeah, that wasn't fun - I had to spend an hour of my time cleaning blue paint out of the grooves of the lens grip and scrubbing the strap. The good news is, the camera lived. 

Remember the unpainted sandbox and those weird reliefs on the sides? Well, here's the box as it stands now: 

I also hauled 350 lbs of play sand from Home Hardware. Tomorrow the plan is to pick up a big can of acrylic sealant, about 200 lbs of flour, and approximately 5 litres of mineral oil. Hopefully, I'll get a coat or two of sealant on it tomorrow and Saturday we can get this baby moved into the main gallery so I can program & calibrate it! 

I just have to find something to keep myself nose-to-the-grindstone busy between drying coats...otherwise I know I'll be checking on it every 15 minutes. Now that I have my teeth really into this project and I'm getting excited about it, I want to get it done! I want to PLAY in it!

Who's with me?