Manda Maggs

Manda Maggs, Penticton BC


I've sat down at least six times in the last three days to draw or paint. Nothing. No inspiration, no desire to put the pencil to the page and doodle. It happens, and when it does, there's always the fear that this block will be a long one. I once had a creative block that lasted for four years - not a single drawing or painting in all that time. At that point, you start to wonder if you are even still capable of creating art anymore - there's a real anxiety about losing your talent. How do you dig yourself out of it? Here's some things I have tried:

  • Browse the net to look at work by inspiring artists. You'll likely end up on Pinterest, and the next thing you know you're pinning recipes for holiday-themed cocktails and four hours have blown by. Sigh. Well, at least your next party will be amazing. 
  • Check out some cat/parrot videos, which is great for passing the time and lifting your mood. Great warm-up for actually getting something done, right?
  • Have a bath. You may not be inspired at the end but you'll smell better. 
  • Head out to a creative artist gathering, such as ArtHouse's Art Experiment or MUSE or Still Life Saturdays at the Museum. You may not actually create anything, but there's usually coffee or wine and interesting people. 
  • Write an overly long and detailed entry on your blog...*cough* 
  •  Dress the part. Put on a solid black cat suit and beret, grab a glass of wine, and rehearse your dramatic speech on bringing down the establishment. Practice your sarcasm and acerbic wit. That'll channel your inner artist. 
  •  Watch the following video. This one may be the only point with actual good advice on this entire blog entry. 

I watched this with my husband Mike over dinner one night. I spent the rest of my week painting. Seriously.