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Sometimes, I actually have the time to create things that I can share. Enjoy! 

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Penticton & Area Daily Specials : a handy listing

This is a calendar I put together for our Airbnb guests - we always got lots of questions from guests asking "What is there to do in Penticton?". I made this template and listed everything I could think of - I soon realized there was a lot more out there I was totally unaware of. 

I took my project to social media to ask Penticton residents and business owners to fill in the blanks - lo and behold, a whole bunch of people and groups started sending me messages asking where this would be published and how they could get a copy. Since they helped me create it, I felt it was only fair to share it. So here it is! 

Coffee Fund

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FREE Kitchen labels (set)

We have an Airbnb listing, and one of the things we thought we'd do for guests to help them settle in and find what they need is to create some labels for the kitchen. Many of our guests are international, so having graphic icons of the most commonly used kitchen items really helped out - not only with helping guests find their coffee mugs in the morning, but also in helping guests put things back where they belong! We've had rave reviews about them - I highly recommend printing some yourself if you have room mates or frequently entertain guests. 

Cupboard decals

We had these printed  on cut vinyl and put them on the cupboard in our guest suite so visitors can find exactly what they are looking for. Vinyl sticks well, doesn't damage the cupboard, wipes clean,  and is easy to apply.  You can send this .ai file to any sign shop and have them print it in ANY colour or finish of vinyl sheeting, even metallics and glitter. Enjoy!

cupboard decals.jpg

Where are the wine glasses?!

Oh, there they are, 

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FREE images

Free stock photography, vectors, graphics, and textures that I've created. These are things I've made for fun or for other projects that changed or didn't work out. Download them for free without any watermarks or restrictions from pixabay.